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Jim Bradford BAND: Press

Redraw the line

From Altcountry forum:


With a splendid, dark brown, sometimes infirmed voice, Jim Bradford never will attain the second round of our top pop stars. But which jury member is to persuade that many talented singers do not have the same? Fortunately for powerful Boulder, Colorado singer/songwriter Jim Bradford I can judge his solo debut, Redraw the Line.

 What a deep soul this man shows, through his throat, touring for the past two years in places such as Texas, Nashville, Chicago and San Francisco.

 With nobody less than Todd Adelman behind the production table, Bradford, whose voice is sometimes similar to Richard Thompson, uses excellent session musicians to create a strong bottom end. The folk-rock numbers have very balanced instrumentation.

 The album is, up to the last second, extremely stretching and knowing.  Bradford captivated me to the end.

Every separate number has this way its own sound color. In the opening popper, Free, Jim makes it clear that the world, by many ways, will have us soon reheating the ground. The opener goes beyond folk rock and is raised to a soulful, intensive song, by the presence of the horns, consisting of Kurt Stockdale, Mike Dease and Chuck Mackinnon.

The folk ballad Weena adds Eric Moon on his Hammond organ to a soul/folk rock rescue song. Gasping for a drop of water is Jim - accompanied by Taylor Mesple on unequalled accordion - on Drought reminding us not to nag concerning a little rain. In a lot of countries they would kill for as much. Irish consonances play in Leprechaun, in which a worrisome situation is come to. Also, comes the great piano/violoncello ballad song Brave.

But really tear-pulling is Bradford in the altcountryballad Why. Why must someone withdraw from your life before you say that you cannot without them? Why stands now already invariably a funeral top 10.

A lot of seizing, intense, dragging and realistic moments are served up by our Colorado man Jim Bradford, who has produced Redraw the Line with his sweat, working musical friends and Todd Adelman.