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Jim Bradford BAND: News

Out with the OLD in with the NEW


Wyley is IN. And rockin the house! Join me in praising his SHREDNESS.

Nova Scotia

Played at the Red Stag in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That is 4 timezones from Mountain! This is a brewpub with a long history and famous beer. One "Mr. Alexander Keith" from a long time ago is founder and name on lots of beer taps around the city. All was cool. Bar scene, you know. I hung out with scotish guy "Brian" who was on holidays. He was heading north on a bus tour, and said he would play my new CD on the bus. On the bus, I like that. Night before I met lovely Jessica Rhaye at her CD release party at "The Carlton." Best to you JESSICA! I love your CD's thanks so much! Here is her website - check it out! Peace

Jim Bradford Band - October 26, 2015

Introducing the band:

1. Dave Lewis - Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals. Dave hails from Maryland, and has extensive playing experience. Dave spent 6 years in Charlotte, NC immersed in the local jam band scene. Dave played lead guitar for Layland Sphere, who toured in support of The Wailers. Dave holds an MS in Music specializing in jazz guitar.

2. Wyley Hodgson - Electric Guitar: While plays super not blues and rock guitar. Influences include Clapton, Hendrix, and many other of the greats!

3. Jim Zarske - Drums and percussion. Jim is an energy conservation engineer and a talented drummer. His roots are in Jazz. He used to play in jazz ensembles around his home town of Pamona, CA.

4. Jim Bradford - acoustic guitar, vocals. Jim writes songs, sings and plays guitar. He is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association. Jim is originally from Montana. He currently runs his own energy engineering consulting practice. See his professional site at

See you out at a show soon!

Setting Up Company - August 27, 2011


Having left my old place of employ, I have set up a new corporation. Mesa Point, Inc. Focus is on Music and Energy Conservation. Hurray!

Jammin MIAMI - October 24, 2010


Had a nice stealth tour stop in Miami Beach a couple weeks ago. Must have been October 10, 2010.

The joint was JAZID's in South Beach, Miami. Thought it would be a mello jazz kind of thing. You know, neon-lit martinis, hot women in short dresses, art deco, valet parking.

But no. This place was well worn and much cooler than that! This was pure graffiti, trance DJ, Thrash metal, and oddly, Yours Truly doing an all acoustic gig between two pretty hardcore bands. Standing up there in my kahki pants. ha ha.

Fortunately, the audience, with their black clothes, tats, tough looks, seemed to really dig my trip. cool.

My friends in DEREVO!! thanks for a fun show!!

And remember folks, it aint the style of the place, its the place of the style.


Bittersweet gig - September 19, 2010

 Last night....

Played at Bittersweet cafe' in Louisville CO last night. It was outside under a small metal gazebo. Fall chill in the air kept the insects and crowd down. Highpoint was probably Paul slapping his upright bass along to One Punch Fight.

It was sweet and bitter, bitter and sweet. hee hee.

Album Done ! - August 20, 2010

If you would like a copy of Redraw the Line, please send an email indicating your desire. We will contact you and help make sure you get a copy. Price is $15.

New ALBUM COMING - July 25, 2010

Greetings, Redraw the Line, my new album is coming soon. It has 13 tracks featuring me and some of the best musicians to be had. You will ENJOY - I am confident. Check out some cuts right here.

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