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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes

Dino's Revenge

(Jim Bradford)
Jim Bradford and Andy Gaydos

Dino’s Revenge Several million years ago A dinosaur died Then was crushed with heavy rocks in to a slippery oily tide Many years later A sharp object poked his brain and the dinosaur was sucked up And refined into premium grade And a good man was so happy That he had a fine vehicle to drive As he drove around blissfully And destroyed the sky The car was good for business And reducing daily chore And so they manufactured them By the score You Know I had to buy one So that I could get some chicks Fortunately the gas was cheap Because they found lots of slicks O yeah drive it up drive it down The oil was so valuable now Because everybody drove So they started to covet it and a terrible war arose The marchers were so angry And so they filled their cars with signs And they drove right down to the center of town And accused themselves of crimes O yeah drive it up drive it down Corporation feed the madness Major arteries were laid Children were sent off to war And big profits were made When gridlock sets in big time Could that really be the end? Better hop into our cars today and drive to worlds end O yeah drive it up drive it down O yeah drive it up drive it down O yeah drive it up drive it down