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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes


(Jim Bradford)

Brave A losing hand Must still be played You did it well And didn't cave All your life You did as asked Now you stand accused Taken to task Through it all You were brave Fought hard Your point was made You were brave You were brave The room was hot Inquisition on The jury - bought The judgment – wrong You stared them down And did not break No sign of doubt Not a quake You don't need to hide Its over now So let me hold your head Let the tears flow down you were brave you were brave They put you in A special place Reserved for the worst And total disgrace A couple of years A pact with God One more day To see you off You dont get to wait The time is now Crys of rage Let them out you were brave you were brave They strapped you down rolled you in the coroner frowned shut the shades again Gallery got up To finish the day I could have swore I heard someone say Ain't no way to hide Its over now But this ain't no judgement day So they can’t feel proud you were brave you were brave