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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes


(Jim Bradford)

7 years of little rain makes you wonder if it will ever rain again If some clouds don't come and cool things down Theis whole region will come tumbling down Without the rain rain rain It seems like the climate has changed The rivers are low, the sun burns the plains warm water, fish kill south of town The flies in the stench make a weird buzzing sound So let it rain, rain, rain Hay, 200 a ton If you can get them to sell you some The ground lies fallow and the subsidies come No way to finish what a man's begun So pray for rain, rain, rain Let it rain, rain, rain 500 mile wide acrid swatch of burned evergreens and settling ash feels like Hell or kingdom come The earth begs for mercy From a stoking, raging, sun So let it rain, rain, rain Stiffen you lip, cause there is nothing to say We were worried about mars, feels more like mercury Will everything die, because there is nothing to eat? Pray for rain, rain rain It's going to rain again So keep your faith Cause it will and then It will go back to the way we used to be The freezing winters The muddy springs And the rain, rain, rain. Pray for rain Let it rain