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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes

When the breakup comes

(Jim Bradford)

Just a little tune about a girl that got pregers in high school, which changed her life. For better or worse. Then the papa ends up looking stupid.

When the Breakup Comes - Jim Bradford copyright


Baby baby you were only 17

Became a Lover not a homecoming queen

Walked the aisle to make things alright      

Gathered your strength, gave  your life      


After all the years, loving with no doubt     

Danny broke the vow, he's moving out        

Ain't no point if love ain't true

He says he "wants his life back, so should you"


                       Hey now baby it will be okay

                       When the breakup comes

                       Just let the cards lay (walk away) 

                       Hey now baby don't let him see you cry

what ever happens

                       You'll be just fine (I will stay by your side)


So when danny comes by to pack

You can stay in your room, or slip out the back

I'll load up boxes, make sure that he leaves

Then we can sit in the dark, or watch TV


                                               Sew up the tears

                                               In your tattered heart

                                               Be glad when its over

                                               That you get a new start

                                               Because none of us

                                               Really has the key 

                                               Throw out the past

                                               What will be will be



Poor old dan, you know he wasn't all that

He was riding high, but his plans fell flat    

Got really lonely and begged to come home

I am proud of you, cause (done is done so) you hung up the phone