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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes

Living life by rote

(Jim Bradford)

Getting dumped can make you get into a place where you are just a robot. Going through the motions. Liveing life by rote.


JBB Band. Basement

Livng life by rote

minute my minute

dull edges

tired eyes

from the the time you pulled the plug

Ive been going down the drain

living life by rote


I walk like a robot

feel like a statue

act like a dolt

Im living life by rote

and its all because I miss ya

so gimme another tissue

so I can rue the day you said goodbye


hour and hours

staring at the ceiling

but seeing you

in pictures in my mind

why should I even try?

my life has passed me by

and I am living life by rote


oh mama mama

did you forget about me

and leave me in the hot car

way to long

cause I think my brain is fried

I got an uneasy feeling inside

and i am living life by rote


guess Im just in a lost love phase

I'll be better in a couple of days

but until that time

I will climb the walls with a worried mind

loosing you aint been easy

specially seeing you so breezy

while Im living life by rote