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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes

Jack Lynch

(Jim Bradford)

A guy I knew in Houston made a company, sold it for over $6M and prompty had a heart attack and died. This is not a suicide song. It is massively ironic, though, when somebody works all their life, finally gets to settle down and enjoy the spoils, and then croaks.

Jack Lynch – Jim Bradford 

 Jack Lynch is dead

He was tying his shoes on a hotel bed

Heart just stopped and there he was

Far away from his true love


As he crumpled onto the floor

While Gidean hid in the dresser drawer

His life passed before his eyes

And the pain receded into white light


Jack Lynch is dead

Jack Lynch is

And I can't get him out of my head

Jack Lynch is dead


Who the hell is Jack Lynch anyway?

Well he was the owner of a big company

Built it up with his own hands

Shored it up with solid steel bands


Made it smart, Made it strong

Ol' Jack worked like a dog

Not too close to his family

He was only gone and gone you see


                   Is it to late to say?

                   Now that you’ve gone a way

                   Bet there were fond memories

                   Of racing bikes

                   And climbing trees


Hard to fathom sad to say

He sold and died on the exact same day

Now I wonder was he happy or sad?

Was his path good or bad?


I suppose that if the true be told

The road had better be as good a the goal

A king can easy become a pawn

The game is fixed and it won't be won


          Jack Lynch is dead

          Jack Lynch is dead  

          And I can't get him out of my head

          Jack Lynch is dead