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Jim Bradford BAND: Tunes

One Punch Fight

(Jim Bradford)

One Punch Fight She didn't say much There was no goodbye She closed the door I was out of her life Love came on slow Like a swelling eye Till she took me down In a one punch fight She had "friends" She was not shy She made the rounds With all of the guys She was hot and slow By the bar room light But she was kind to me and her touch was light She was natural She was not shy When she came at me With with that look in her eye It was enthralled My love was high So I took my turn My shot at the prize For several months we loved day and night I was so amazed that she was with me I loved her so much I could fly My life had meaning for the first time We drove my black lincoln To the carvinal show We partied down I took a dose She slipped away With another guy and I went down fast In a One Punch Fight --------------- I don't know why She wouldn't say She took my love And threw it away I took my turn My shot at the prize I took my turn And paid the price I woke up With an aching head Couldn't hide my pain With the words I said She was gone Like the dark of night And I’m still wearing scars From a One Punch Fight