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 May 10, Lafayette FM, Thursday 5 - 8 - Acoustic Duo with Dave!May 25, Cafe de Paris, Friday 6:30 - 9:00 - Acoustic Band with Heavy MeadowJune 16, Louisville FM, Saturday 10 - Noon (Acoustic Duo with Wyley!)June 28, Lafayette FM, Thursday 5 - 8 - AcousticJuly 14, Waterloo Bar, Louisville 9:30 PM (God Bless Johnny cash)August 11 Boulder's Big Hootenanny (this is the greatest festival of all!)September 15, Louisville, FM, Satuday morning 10 - Noon
November 15, 2012, Johnny's Cigar Bar - Saturday night!

Somebody said to me the other day "I am an atheist." Well, okay. I certainly wasn't taken aback or offended. I find this statement is less offensive than, say, "believe in this, or you will burn in hell .... forever." Yikes.
I heard that Steve Hawking is an atheist. Something about science and reason v. religion and authority. I suppose it doesn't matter much from a practical standpoint. Get born, live the best life you can, die. Nobody is going to figure out why we are here, or why here is here anyway.
People that declare themselves atheists or christians or whatever are not being honest with themselves, are they? You don't get to know, and that is okay. I would be quite surprised if you get to have a personal relationship with God, and that is okay, too. Eternal life ... sounds good, I guess. Nobody wants to die, really. That is just life being itself.
But anyway, I think the universe is cool, and unknowable by people. If I can't know, then I can't say with [...]
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Music lovers: Getting a baby sitter, parking, making a schedule is the same way. Logistics are hard and thankless. But the music, man the MUSIC, that it what it is all about. And that is what make is worth it. Whether I am up on stage, or in the audience, good music is transendental and WORTH IT.
Don't let logistics stop you from enjoying good music. Help your musicians (be they big name or small time) they need you and you need them. Live, jam, share.
And yes, of course, I want you to come to see a Jim Bradford band show. It is hard for us, too, and we really, really, try to provide meaningful, competent, enjoyable experiences. Hope to see you soon.
Peace and love.

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