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Jim Bradford BAND: Blog

Praise for the aged

Rock and roll is for the young... Well, just the young at heart, you know.

Your physical age has nothing whatever to do with the age of your soul.

The thing I like about old people is that their view is DEEPENED (that's right folks, deepened) by all of the experiences. Naturally, more experiences means more information means a clearer and deeper understanding.

Youth is a wonderful thing, to be sure. No doubt, - the enthusiam, the outward looking driving search for something, anything; the raw energy.

But having years of experience is also wonderful. The depth of perception, the empathy from having lived ups and downs, the calm - these are some of the virtues of being old.

If, then, you are feeling old, let not the din of the world; youth-crazed messages, products, thinly veiled ploys trick you into believing that it is better to be young.

Pining for youth is like pining to be dumber.

Still, I wish I was a newborn again. That would be weird.













September 4, 2013

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