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Jim Bradford BAND: Blog

Jim Bradford Band - Rocking right now!

Hey there all y'all.

Just a note to try to get you fired up to come to an upcoming gig. The Jim Bradford Band (JBB) is killing it right now with a great 4-piece lineup. We have been rocking our gigs hard lately, and with great reception.

The band is currently

  • Dave Lewis - Bass, musical director. MS in Jazz guitar, toured in support of "The Wailers" accross the country. Has played in many popular bands. Dave is originally from Maryland, and lived in North Carolina before moving to Colorado a couple years ago. Dave totally rocks, for sure.
  • Jim Zarske - Drums. Jim has strong background in jazz and rock drumming. He is a big fan of Phish.
  • Campbell Lewis - Our latest addition on lead guitar. Campbell attends the University of Colorado. Very great guitarist influenced by greats such as Jimmy Herrin, Trey A, etc.
  • Jim Bradford - That's me. I am a member of the NSAI, ASCAP and am involved in several songwriting groups and camps such as Planet Bluegrass' annual "Song School" and the Boulder Monday song seminar.


Come check the band. You won't be disappointed.