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Hello all yall,
I am very happy to have the honor of playing at a fundraiser this Sunday for Andi Michelle. I will be Solo Acoustic, and just feel that this is actually one of the gigs that is "Worth Playing."
Peace to you
Meet Andi. She is a beautiful eleven year old girl with cerebral palsy. Andi's dream is to play like other kids an have her very own bicycle. That's where you come in! Bushwacker's Saloon is hosting a fundraiser to help raise the $1,500 for Andi's specialized bicycle. So please come join us. There will be music, fabulous food, an a silent auction! It is $10 per person at the door. We hope to see you there! Please feel free to invite your friends family and share this event.
If you are unable to attend an would like to make a donation to help out Andi, please call (720) 425-2926 Thank You!!!

Rock and roll is for the young... Well, just the young at heart, you know.
Your physical age has nothing whatever to do with the age of your soul.
The thing I like about old people is that their view is DEEPENED (that's right folks, deepened) by all of the experiences. Naturally, more experiences means more information means a clearer and deeper understanding.
Youth is a wonderful thing, to be sure. No doubt, - the enthusiam, the outward looking driving search for something, anything; the raw energy.
But having years of experience is also wonderful. The depth of perception, the empathy from having lived ups and downs, the calm - these are some of the virtues of being old.
If, then, you are feeling old, let not the din of the world; youth-crazed messages, products, thinly veiled ploys trick you into believing that it is better to be young.
Pining for youth is like pining to be dumber.
Still, I wish I was a newborn again. That would [...]
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Hey y'all!
Check it out. You can now stream or download ALL tracks from the critically acclaimed album "Redraw the Line." I have already made enough on this one.

Hey there all y'all.
Just a note to try to get you fired up to come to an upcoming gig. The Jim Bradford Band (JBB) is killing it right now with a great 4-piece lineup. We have been rocking our gigs hard lately, and with great reception.
The band is currently

Dave Lewis - Bass, musical director. MS in Jazz guitar, toured in support of "The Wailers" accross the country. Has played in many popular bands. Dave is originally from Maryland, and lived in North Carolina before moving to Colorado a couple years ago. Dave totally rocks, for sure.
Jim Zarske - Drums. Jim has strong background in jazz and rock drumming. He is a big fan of Phish.
Campbell Lewis - Our latest addition on lead guitar. Campbell attends the University of Colorado. Very great guitarist influenced by greats such as Jimmy Herrin, Trey A, etc.
Jim Bradford - That's me. I am a member of the NSAI, ASCAP and am involved in several songwriting groups and camps such as Planet Bluegrass' annual "Song School" and the Boulder Monday [...]
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