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Jim Bradford BAND: Bio

Introducing the band:

Dave Lewis - Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals. Dave hails from Maryland, and has extensive playing experience. Dave spent 6 years in Charlotte, NC immersed in the local jam band scene. Dave played lead guitar for Layland Sphere, who toured in support of The Wailers. Dave holds an MS in Music specializing in jazz guitar.

Wyley Hodgson- electric guiltar. Influenced heavily by the blues, Wyley a wonderful guitarist from Aspen, Colorado.

Jim Zarske - Drums and percussion. Jim is an energy conservation engineer and a talented drummer. His roots are in Jazz. He used to play in jazz ensembles around his home town of Pamona, CA.

Jim Bradford - acoustic guitar, vocals. Jim writes songs, sings and plays guitar. He is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association. Jim is originally from Montana. He currently runs his own energy engineering consulting practice. See his professional site at

Jim Bradford - Singer Songwriter